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From: Scott Scott
Subject: Gavin and Me, Part OneThis story is a work of fiction. All characters are imaginary. Whew! It sure is hot out here. As I stood in the back stockroom, I
could feel sweat pooling all 14 y.o rape pics over my body. This summer Ohio humidity was
awful! Right then I made a mental note to call headquarters and send me a
stock person. Thank goodness my office was air conditioned!
My name's Scott and I'm 32. I'm gay and I've just been hired to manage
this old paper-based storage and retrieval warehouse. And it is old! But
it's not that big. It has only three sections--my office, a lounge, a
bathroom, and a shower, and then there's that huge warehouse with all those
old paper-based files.
For legal reasons, files had to be maintained and occasionally
reviewed. Most companies simply didn't have the space or staff to do it.
That's where we come in. Where kind of like those shredding companies, but
we store files instead of destroying them.
Anyway, back to my story. I went into my 2 vibes mp3 office ... oh, that feels a
lot better! ... and called headquarters. I requested for them to send me a
helper, someone to work out in the warehouse and do my leg work. After a
few minutes of looking at the hiring pool for my area, they came up with
someone. His name was Gavin and he was 16. He was just looking for a
summer job. I asked if they couldn't send me someone older, stronger, and
more permanent. They said that's all they had for now, but should have some
more new workers this fall.
Well, the work's not that heavy anyway. How heavy can paper be. The
most Gavin would have to lift would be a small file box. He could take
regular breaks. They said he really wanted the job, he was punctual, and
looked strong. Finally I said okay and they hired him. He'd be at my
office in the morning.
When I arrived the next morning, I heard noises out in the warehouse,
so I walked back there to see what was going on. Man, it's already hot out
here! I turned a corner and there was this boy holding a small box of
papers, apparently straightening up a shelf, wearing only cut-offs (very
short--they were rolled up his 919 man gangbang thighs) and white slip-on deck shoes. His
smooth torso was already glistening with sweat. Auburn hair, nearly
shoulder-length, stuck to his face and neck. He had a good-looking body,
slender waist, broad shoulders, and a nice tan. dell 1525 webcam driver I could tell the boy worked
'Who are 3-d incest you?" I asked.
"Oh, hi. I'm Gavin, your new stock boy."
"How did you get in?"
"They gave me a key when they hired me yesterday."
"Oh ... okay. You're early."
"Yes, sir."
"I'm Scott, your new boss." I extended my right hand.
"Nice to meet you, sir," and Gavin took my hand and as we shook hands,
his hand in mine, I 1 peep hole
24 pee on 88 felt something. I'm not sure what it was, but I was
sure amv hell 0 uncensored that Gavin and I would get along just fine. Like they said yesterday,
the boy was strong, or at least buff. gossip website x17 He certainly wasn't afraid of hard
"Have you already taken a tour of the place."
"Yes, sir. Your office in nice and cool. I already turned the air
"Thanks, Gavin." This guy's good! "You're welcome to come in there
and just hang out whenever you need a break ... anytime."
"Thanks. I will, anal 2x sir."
"No problem. We can talk about your specific duties after lunch.
Until then, you're doing a fine job straightening up and cleaning up. I
appreciate your being here very much." And I did!
"I'm happy to be here, sir."
I wanted to tell Gavin he didn't have to call me 'sir,' but ... I kind
of liked it ... from him anyway.Part Two will be coming soon.
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